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Boost Your Child's 

Math Confidence

Unlock Their Full Potential


of 8th graders perform at grade level in math


Why We're Here

 We know that you want your child to become a confident learner. To do that, your child needs better grades and a deeper understanding of math.


The problem is, you don't have enough time to provide the support your child needs, and this makes you feel frustrated and helpless. 

Students who are tutored surpass their non-tutored peers by nearly


We understand your feelings of frustration and helplessness. We're here to guide you. Our students make great strides with learning math at all stages.

Here's our three-step process


Free Consultation

We start with a consultation to understand your child's unique needs and challenges.


Personalized Plan and Schedule 

We develop a personalized plan and schedule that works for you and your child.


Follow the Plan

We work together to follow the plan, providing support and guidance to help your child succeed in math.

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Take the first step toward helping your child become a confident learner and improve their math skills like these parents did.

My 10th grader has been struggling with Algebra 2 since the beginning of this school year... began working with her last month weekly to help her understand and grasp the concepts. My daughter walks away from each session with a smile and a full understanding of the concepts that her teacher was not able to explain to her. 
- Carla , 22 lessons

I am so fortunate to have found OGA Tutoring! Amazing tutoring with someone who is patient, kind and find creative ways to make sure my daughter understands what is being taught while increasing her confidence. My daughter looks forward to her Geometry lessons. Thank you.
- Anika, 32 lessons

My son was failing Geometry while in virtual school and needed help. OGA Tutoring has done a great job helping my son understand the concepts he needs to learn. His grade has gone from a 40 to an 80 with their help. We are extremely happy with the tutoring skills.
- Nicole, 30 lessons

Our Tutoring Options

Individual Math Tutoring 
One Session Per Week 
As Needed

$65 per session

Individual Math Tutoring 
Two or More Sessions
Per Week 


$59 per session

Small Group Math Tutoring 
Groups of 2-5 Students


$35 per session

*Each session is 55 minutes


Unlock the Secrets to Transforming School-Year Challenges into Triumphs

Explore essential strategies including:

  1. Effective Routines for Success: Set the stage for achievement with proven daily routines.

  2. Optimized Study Space: Create a focused, organized environment for learning.

  3. Confidence and Motivation: Empower your child's self-assurance and enthusiasm.

  4. Communication and Cooperation: Strengthen bonds and collaborative learning.

  5. Maximize Learning Potential: Harness technology and positive study habits for growth.

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