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Jasmine Felton, Founder




Hi! I am a friendly and patient tutor with 10+ years of experience who is dedicated to my teaching. I take pride in building a good tutor-student rapport with my students. I am able to help students understand their work better and expand their knowledge in the subject. I feel it's very important to understand what you're doing and to not just memorize a formula. I always believe that one will benefit from enjoyable tutoring; therefore, I also encourage interactive and fun learning with my students. My goal is to not only help students improve their grades, but for them to also learn study techniques that will help decrease the likelihood of needing a tutor in the future.


I graduated from FAU with my MBA with an Entrepreneurship specialization.  I also have a certification in Learning How to Learn from University of California, San Diego. I began tutoring, formally and informally, in high school for family, friends, and students at a nearby middle school. Ever since, I have been tutoring in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and ACT and SAT prep (along with other subjects). I have an extreme love for math. I've excelled in every math course I have ever taken and received a 740/800 on the math section of my SAT.



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