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Meet Jasmine Felton Gelin, an experienced and compassionate tutor with over two decades of dedicated tutoring under her belt. 

Jasmine's tutoring journey has been defined by her patient and friendly demeanor. Her approach centers on empowering students to truly comprehend their coursework and expand their subject expertise, going beyond mere memorization of formulas.

She understands that true comprehension comes from a place of enjoyment, which is why she infuses her sessions with interactivity and fun, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also find pleasure in the learning process.

Her tutoring journey began many years ago in high school, where she extended a helping hand to family, friends, and students from a neighboring middle school. Her dedication to teaching has led her to excel in various subjects, including Prealgebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry.

Her profound love for mathematics is evident in her exceptional academic record. She has consistently excelled in every math course she undertook, exemplified by her impressive 740/800 score on the math section of the SAT.


Jasmine's ultimate goal extends beyond immediate academic improvement. She aspires to equip her students with enduring study techniques that will serve them well beyond their tutoring journey. Her vision is to empower students not only to enhance their grades but also to instill in them the skills and confidence to tackle future challenges independently.


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